Momentum Injections

Carrying momentum is difficult. I say this as I have not been successful in even beginning to create momentum in writing blog posts!  I’ve written for a blog religiously in the past and looking back, it took quite a lot of energy to pull that off.  At the time I was writing the most, I was excited, it was new to me and I was learning something every day. As time went on it became a chore to try and think of content to get out that day. I would be so happy when some random news broke that I could write about so I didn’t have to think up something of my own.

While I did learn a lot during that time, I don’t think I produced the best content I was capable of at the time.  I lost my momentum after I learned all I needed to about the tools I was using and it wasn’t shiny anymore.  I held off starting to write again unless I felt like I could do it better this time!  Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve been doing a lot of the same things since I blogged last. In hindsight, I should have been able to write about what I’ve learned all the time over the last three years.

Lately I have been trying to increase my momentum in everything I set out to accomplish. Maybe a lot of you have asked yourselves, “Why can’t I finish anything I start?” or told yourselves, “I just don’t know how to get excited about this anymore”.  I did that…I did that a lot. I was extremely frustrated. I had a 100 ideas and not enough momentum to see them through. I decided to start doing something about it. Hopefully some of what I’ve learned might help you to create the next Facebook or Google! Here we go!

#1 Surround yourself with like minded people

“I’ve heard this before dude…” you might be saying. Sometimes this is hardest thing to do but I think it’s one of the most valuable momentum generators.  When I’m around people that are excited about their ideas, I get excited about my ideas and theirs! They get excited about your ideas to!  You can find meetups near by that could connect you with great people that have similar interests and could even mutually help work on projects.

Take the long shots! Try and reach out to those people that you might not think would respond. Heck, tweet at @RichardBranson or @ElonMusk for practice.

#2 Inject yourself daily with momentum

Find some material/content to read or listen to every day.

#3 Stay rooted

Don’t forget where you came from. I don’t mean Owosso(never heard of it?)!  Keep participating and practicing your passions. If it’s writing “silly node modules” (Thanks @StephenPlusPlus), writing music, writing fiction or making inventions in the garage, just make sure that you stay grounded and keep your passions alive.  Like anything, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Besides, isn’t it one of those passions that made you begin to want to expand that interest and turn it into something bigger in the first place?

#4 Just Do It

Ultimately you need to just step out and start trying things, learning from them, failing, trying again, failing and then trying some more.  Be a sponge and don’t be afraid to approach those that have gone before us. Surround yourself with people and content that lead you in the direction that you want to go.

Feel free to email me ( about what you’re working on! I’d love to hear about it!

Momentum Injections