How to manage your Github notifications

I may be alone in this issue but on the off chance that I’m not, here’s how I manage my Github notifications.

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I ‘watched’ a lot of projects over the years because I liked to see what was going on with them. Doing that quickly makes your notification center a complete mess. If you’re actively using Github to collaborate with other people on a project, then these notifications are really important.

Step 1. Unwatch everything!



Github Watch List

You can click on the notifications button in the top right corner when you go to From there you can click on the “Watching” tab and finally you can click “Unwatch all”

Step 2. Watch whats current

Go to the repos that you’re currently working on with a team and click “Watch”.

Clearing out your watched repositories will really help you focus and keep track of work that you and your team is doing.


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How to manage your Github notifications